RallyEngine originated as the technology powering CodeSearch, a police-endorsed program initiated by the Missing Children Society of Canada to aid in the rallying of disparate resources and people to find missing kids – in a specific area, at a specific time.

CodeSearch’s many corporate partners immediately saw the simple power and value of this platform for their own crisis communications, emergency management, and quiet-channel executive alerts. RallyEngine was born – spun off in late 2012 by its developer Strut Creative – and is being put to use for everything from humanitarian disaster response and volunteer GSAR group coordination to university campus alerts and corporate business continuity.


RallyEngine is a streamlined internal communications tool; a private, mobile rapid-response network for your dispersed organization.

Using a versatile web-based dashboard, organizations can communicate quickly, easily, and effectively – with the valuable context of real-time location and specific individual traits – to their people via the smartphones they already carry.

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