How Improv Principles and Startup Culture Reshape Crisis Communications

Back in May RallyEngine’s Marketing Director Steve Hardy and MCSC Executive Director Amanda Pick co-presented Herding Cats, Finding Kids, and Rallying Dispersed Teams in a Crisis to a lovely audience at CPRS’s annual Ascend Summit in beautiful Banff, Alberta.

Steve’s part riffed on insights gleaned from this Ipsos study of the Calgary Flood in which the importance of emergent and ad hoc teams and on improvised responses contributed mightily – certainly more than rigid plans – to the city’s remarkable relience. It flowed smoothly as an introduction into Amanda’s half describing the unique and ground-breaking approach of MCSC’s blossoming Search Program (which includes CodeSearch).

We’ve previously posted an overview of the Search Program. Here now is a modified deck of that first part of the presentation: Inputs, Offers, and Pivots: How Mobile Networks, Startup Culture, and Improv Principles Reshape Disaster Management and Crisis Communications.

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