New app for students, faculty and staff promotes safety at Olds College

Award-winning Alberta-based technology powers the OC Emergency mobile alerting app for smart, safe campuses Calgary, AB: Students, faculty, and staff returning to Olds College’s campuses this fall have a new tool to stay informed and stay safe. The Olds and Calgary, AB based college has launched OC Emergency, a mobile smartphone app which provides users with quick, mobile access to …


Mobile and the Space Between Public and Private Alerts

Last week RallyEngine was pleased to attend the first annual National Public Alerting Summit in Edmonton. Organized by CATAAlliance, nearly 100 Canadian and International thought leaders converged to discuss the latest developments in emergency alerting. Collaboration and the sharing of best practices are of course vital to achieving success in such a critical and often complex field.

Spring thaw exposes flood anxieties and still-frozen emergency communications plans

With the anniversary of the Southern Alberta floods looming, are organizations now any better prepared for emergencies? CALGARY, ALBERTA– From cold snaps and ice storms to polar vortex windchill, Canadians are emerging from one of the coldest and snowiest winters in decades. It has been a long, bitter winter but are we really ready for spring? Questions around emergency preparedness are …


After One of the Worst Winters Ever, the Spring Melt Prompts Better Emergency Communications Planning for Potential Flooding

Like most Canadians, you probably think this long and bitter cold winter has been the most extreme weather you’ve seen in years. And you’d be right. It’s no exaggeration because it literally has been the worst winter in decades. Record-breaking temperature drops, blizzards and ice storms have immobilized urban centres all season. Winnipeg recorded its second coldest winter on record …


Nenshi vs Ford: A tale of two cities’ disaster response

Comparisons between Calgary’s Naheed Nenshi and Toronto’s Rob Ford started years ago when each was elected mayor. Now, with 2013’s record breaking floods in their respective cities, they again are under public scrutiny for their handling of the disaster responses. Toronto’s July 8th flash flood swamped commuters and knocked out power for almost 500,000 people, while Alberta’s June river flood …


How do you tell 100,000 employees to stay home?

There have been numerous natural and manmade disasters over the last year. Each one pulls into focus the need for organizations to quickly and efficiently locate their people to ensure that they are okay, and to alert them of danger, road or office closures, and even evacuations. The RallyEngine team is experiencing this firsthand today. Most members of our team …