Mobile and the Space Between Public and Private Alerts

Last week RallyEngine was pleased to attend the first annual National Public Alerting Summit in Edmonton. Organized by CATAAlliance, nearly 100 Canadian and International thought leaders converged to discuss the latest developments in emergency alerting. Collaboration and the sharing of best practices are of course vital to achieving success in such a critical and often complex field.


The Single Most Important Thing We Can Learn from the Ottawa Lockdown

Last Wednesday’s events in Ottawa – the deadly shooting of a soldier at the War Memorial, the violent showdown with the shooter inside Centre Block of Canada’s Parliament, and the all-day manhunt around the hotel, shopping centre, and area surrounding Parliament Hill – put a spotlight on everything from national security, international politics, and mental health to public safety protocols, …


Why You Don’t Need a Mass, Social, or Command Centre Alerting System

It’s generally recognized these days that there are better, more efficient, and more targeted ways to alert and inform dispersed people (colleagues, employees, executives, volunteers, partners, etc.) than with mass email blasts, manual call-trees, or public blog posts. Messages, particularly regarding sensitive or crisis situations, can and should be sent privately, smartly, and to only those to which they’re relevant. …


Crisis notification systems of comic superheroes

In times of despair, crisis notifications systems must be faster than a speeding bullet, stronger than a locomotive, and able to avoid all common day cellular obstructions. With millions of lives at stake, the most iconic superheroes were all summoned by their designated crisis notifications systems. Once the beacon was sent, the superheroes knew that every passing moment represented lives …


It’s time to modernize the call-tree and mobilize crisis communications

The Boston Marathon bombing and subsequent massive manhunt was a stark reminder of how quickly tragic events can unfold and how widespread the damage and disruption can be. Disasters – both natural and manmade – refocus priorities and highlight the systems that governments, companies, organizations, and families have in place to manage them. And like Sandy or Newtown or West, …


The pros and cons of Twitter as a disaster alert tool

The difference between an emergency and a catastrophic disaster is communication. Getting the right responders on the scene and mobilizing relief effort requires immediate and simultaneous communication to a wide range of people. Now, for the first time in history, a communications channel has opened up that combines the most effective elements of emergency dispatch, broadcast TV, ham radio, and …


Introducing RallyEngine

Hi, we’re RallyEngine. RallyEngine is a streamlined communications tool for dispersed teams and mobile workforces. Using a versatile web-based dashboard, organizations can communicate quickly, easily, and effectively – with the valuable context of real-time location and specific individual traits – to their people via the smartphones they already carry. Locate. Alert. Connect. Rally. RallyEngine originated as the technology powering CodeSearch, a …