How Improv Principles and Startup Culture Reshape Crisis Communications

Back in May RallyEngine’s Marketing Director Steve Hardy and MCSC Executive Director Amanda Pick co-presented Herding Cats, Finding Kids, and Rallying Dispersed Teams in a Crisis to a lovely audience at CPRS’s annual Ascend Summit in beautiful Banff, Alberta. Steve’s part riffed on insights gleaned from this Ipsos study of the Calgary Flood in which the importance of emergent and ad hoc teams …


What is Resilience?

The concept of resilience is key to both organizations and disaster relief efforts. Resilience, or resiliency, is an organization’s ability to react to events, predict future problems, and create value. A resilient organization is able to stay functional and ordered while enduring through changes. Resilience deals with a number of issues like preparedness, security and survivability.

Spring thaw exposes flood anxieties and still-frozen emergency communications plans

With the anniversary of the Southern Alberta floods looming, are organizations now any better prepared for emergencies? CALGARY, ALBERTA– From cold snaps and ice storms to polar vortex windchill, Canadians are emerging from one of the coldest and snowiest winters in decades. It has been a long, bitter winter but are we really ready for spring? Questions around emergency preparedness are …


A lesson in herding cats during a storm

A few adages come to mind. Expect the unexpected. Practice what you preach. Drink your own kool-aid. We failed at all three. Our company, RallyEngine, founded last fall, has quietly been developing a powerful and streamlined app-based internal communications tool. It can instantly locate team members and provide critical information to widespread or hard-to-reach people and teams in real-time via …


The 5 essentials of crisis management

Being prepared for an emergency situation is vital for the survival of any business. Successful business owners understand that your response to a given circumstance can be what determines your success or failure. Proper management of an emergency situation involves the implementation of a pre-arranged crisis management plan. Having a plan of action available before a crisis takes place can …