What is Resilience?

The concept of resilience is key to both organizations and disaster relief efforts. Resilience, or resiliency, is an organization’s ability to react to events, predict future problems, and create value. A resilient organization is able to stay functional and ordered while enduring through changes. Resilience deals with a number of issues like preparedness, security and survivability.

Spring thaw exposes flood anxieties and still-frozen emergency communications plans

With the anniversary of the Southern Alberta floods looming, are organizations now any better prepared for emergencies? CALGARY, ALBERTA– From cold snaps and ice storms to polar vortex windchill, Canadians are emerging from one of the coldest and snowiest winters in decades. It has been a long, bitter winter but are we really ready for spring? Questions around emergency preparedness are …


After One of the Worst Winters Ever, the Spring Melt Prompts Better Emergency Communications Planning for Potential Flooding

Like most Canadians, you probably think this long and bitter cold winter has been the most extreme weather you’ve seen in years. And you’d be right. It’s no exaggeration because it literally has been the worst winter in decades. Record-breaking temperature drops, blizzards and ice storms have immobilized urban centres all season. Winnipeg recorded its second coldest winter on record …


Are Natural Disasters Actually Becoming More Common, or Does It Just Feel That Way?

Recently, it seems like every time one turns on CNN or checks their social media sites, they are bombarded by the news of a natural disaster somewhere in the world. Massive earthquakes, 20 foot high tsunamis, raging wildfires, devastating hurricanes, severe droughts, and exploding volcanoes.  What’s going on? Are there really more disasters happening now then there were a generation ago? Depending on how …


Did Corporate Calgary Learn Its Lesson from the Flood? Maybe Not

Ipsos Reid study identifies critical gaps in corporate emergency response plans Calgary, AB – Calgary organizations are at-risk with their emergency response plans (ERP) and are not fully prepared for natural disasters or emergencies, according to a new Ipsos Reid study. The research study included telephone interviews with almost one-third of Calgary-based organizations that have more than 100 employees and were directly impacted …